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Back To Basics – How To Change A Tire

By November 21, 2013General Posts


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Andie’s Garage: The How To’s for Basic Maintenance On Your Motorcycle.
Photos and Text by Andie Gaskins, from Fast Andie Racing.

Hi, I am Fast Andie with Fast Andie Racing.

The articles I plan to write will be for you ladies! I’m not writing with the intention that you think you need to work on your own motorcycle. If you choose to do that, awesome!

If not, join the many men that choose not to work on their own either. The truth of the matter is Harley dealers have a service department for a reason.

I want to share with you the basics of repairs so you can decide if you want to tackle it yourself, or just simply know what happens when you take it to someone else to get repaired. As women, we are entitled to educate ourselves the same way we educate ourselves on the car we drive every day.  If you haven’t done that yet, now is a great time to make changes.

The First article is How To Change A Tire: