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Tanom Motors to Unveil “Invader Model R” High Performance Reverse Trike in 2014

By November 4, 2013General Posts

014 marks the introduction of the Tanom Motors Invader Model “R”, a high performance reverse trike. The Model “R” will join the Invader TC-3 coupe and TR-3 roadster in the growing line up of high performance reverse trikes  offered by Tanom Motors. These three trikes represent an exciting one-of-a-kind fusion of super bike and super car. With two steering front wheels and one rear drive wheel they provide comfortable side-by-side seating for two and awesome performance all wrapped in a stunning body design.“We are really excited to be introducing the Model “R” in 2014,” said Sandy Hall, Tanom Motors President and CEO. “We designed the Model “R” for those who want the ultimate in performance. With upgrades to the suspension, brakes and exhaust we have created a machine that will deliver a driving experience unlike anything else on the track.”The Invader Model “R” shares the same chassis, body and motor as the Invader TC-3 coupe before receiving a number of performance enhancements.

jpegSome of the upgrades include a fully adjustable Elka Stage IV front suspension, high performance brakes by Wilwood, and a performance exhaust system. The interior will feature Type R race seats and four-point seatbelt harnesses while the exterior will highlighted by a rear deck spoiler, black accent striping and special badging.The Model “R”’s cockpit features a side-by-side seating configuration that will comfortably accommodate two six foot plus occupants. The driver will find a set of controls similar to those found in any sports car – a steering wheel, gas, brake and clutch pedals and a six-speed sequential shifter and reverse gear. A full compliment of gauges round out the cockpit along with many standard amenities.All three Invader models feature a frame constructed from one-and-a-half-inch tubular steel chassis. Wrapped around this framework is a sleek composite body with flowing sinewy lines, a testament to the power and speed hidden underneath. Pushing the Invader’s start button brings to life a 1,300 cc Hayabusa powerhouse capable of delivering 197 horsepower to the 18-inch wide rear tire. From a standing start the Invader rockets to 60 mph in less than four seconds.If you want to have a track experience that is unlike anything else then you have to check out the Model “R”.For more information please visit us at the 2013 SEMA Show in booth #37031 or visit our web site at