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Paughco Bobber And Chopper Rollers

By January 26, 2014General Posts

Paughco pretty much wrote the book on choppers and bobbers; this pair of Sportster-based rollers is assembled from popular components found in the company’s vast selection of American-made products.

Paughco rollers

These machines are designed for riding and allow builders to paint to their liking, install a stock or custom driveline and head down the road. Parts are chosen to eliminate much of the guess work and compatibility issues.

Shown here the LB (Low Budget) Bobber is a straight bolt together package using your ’86-’03 Evolution Sportster engine and related hardware. This model features one of Paughco’s traditional Sportster frames, stock length chrome Paughco springer, tanks, seat, fenders, wheels, brakes, bars, lights and more. The LTC (Long Time Coming) Chopper, is a traditional Sportster powered chopper that rides as good as it looks. Once again parts are drawn from the companies most popular accessories and achieves it’s Chopper styling using a wide tire rigid frame with 2” in the top tube, 4” in the legs and 40 degrees neck rake. The flawless chrome 18” over Tapered Springer is fit with shock absorber and bolts to a complete brake, wheel and tire assembly. All the hard parts are included just apply finish, or not, add power, wiring and hit the pavement on a bike that provides the chopper look and feel with performance and reliability. LTC rollers carry an MSRP of $7120.95 and the LB Bobber runs $4232.95. More info at