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Non Stopped 2Wheeled Action Thursday News for Thursday, Sept 19, 2013

By September 19, 2013General Posts



Here we go with another stellar news column. Yesterday we ran out to Big Bear Choppers and witnessed the final stages of 20 long bikes being prepped for shipment to Katar.

Ray Wheeler, the Bikernet Performance Editor tagged along and road tested Kevin’s Big Bear Chopper Titanium FXR. Kevin is the King of long Choppers and now the second manufacturer to embrace the FXR platform with a much improved performance model.

We like to say FXRs Forever around the Bikernet headquarters, and it’s cool to see, ride, and feature Kevin’s Titanium version. You will see the story next week right here. Behind the styling of Sons of Anarchy Dyna’s Kevin stepped even beyond the Dyna configuration to bring riders a tough as nails 110-inch S&S powered, Ohlins suspended hot rod capable of constant cross country runs. A recent customer considered buying a new Dyna and making SOA upgrades, but after he ran the numbers, he decided on a Titanium instead.