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New Arai Helmet With New Elongated Shell And Interior Shape Designed To “Cure The Common Hot Spot Pain”

By March 19, 2013General Posts

Arai’s Signet-Q model is called “The American Helmet” because it was specifically designed for American heads and the American market. It’s the result of the latest rider research done by Arai in measuring hundreds of American heads. The research showed that a plurality of us have longer, narrower head shapes.

Are you a Signet head? One way to tell is if you get those sometimes painful red forehead marks—or “hot spots”—from helmets with rounder interior shapes. The Signet-Q’s interior fit, by contrast, is more elongated front to back, giving more room in the forehead area; the fit is also more narrow side to side.

Visually, the Arai Signet-Q is almost identical to its stable mate, the RX-Q, except for their interior shapes, the RX-Q having a somewhat rounder Intermediate Oval shape. Creating a model whose major feature is its interior shape comes from Arai’s long-held credo that head shape is as important as head size in getting the “perfect” fit. Arai says this is why it’s the only helmet company that “goes to the added effort and expense of creating models with different interior shapes.” 

However, Arai advises that, regardless of what head shape you “think” you have, they encourage everyone to take the opportunity to test fit both the RX-Q and Signet-Q models side-by-side to make sure you get the best fit possible – because only you can decide which fits you best.

The Signet-Q’s other features are highlighted by Arai’s patent-pending FCS® (Facial Contour Support) cheekpad design that Arai says delivers “an unbelievable level of support and comfort.” The design utilizes an innovative and exclusive spring support in the cheekpads that not only creates a soft, easy pressure around the ears to enhance noise reduction and to support and cradle the head from below, but easily gets out the way when taking the helmet off. FCS® cheek pads have Arai’s exclusive 5mm peel-away custom fit layer to micro-tune the fit, as well as Arai’s now-copied Emergency Cheekpad Release System. The Signet-Q’s crown area also sports 5mm Peel-Away Temple/Side Pads to provide the same micro-tune benefit as the cheek pads. The liner and neck roll are fully removable and washable. On the exterior, the upper and side exhaust vent cowlings are more aerodynamic, sculpted to enhance stability while increasing exhaust efficiency, the side vent cowls tailored to the needs, and the speeds, of the street. A clear Pinlock® Max-Vision® anti-fog face shield is also included. (Both FCS® and the Pinlock® shield can be retrofit on the RX-Q model.)

The Arai Signet-Q is available in sizes XS to XXL, with 24 different colors and graphics to choose from. MSRP ranges from $619.95 to $759.95.

For more information and details, visit your authorized Arai retailer or log onto, where you’ll also find a complete dealer list.