NAMZ Throttle by Wire Tech Tip

Editor’s Note: Us old school guys need to know about this new shit. It’s not that new anymore, but what the hell, we need to know the does and don’ts and where we can find solutions. More and more I find myself helping guys with newer bikes, and I’m intrigued by the new M-8 configuration, since it slipped back in the direction of the EVO.

Here’s a quote from a builder recently who said, “Evos were capable of any horsepower we could get from a Twin Cam, but the price of modifying Twin Cams is high. Now you can get double the power of an Evo with a 117-inch M-8 and the cost isn’t so high.” He recently built a 117 from a 107 and got 145 Horsepower and 133 pounds of torque. Incredible. We hope to bring you more M-8 performance techs in the near future.

Thanks to the guys at NAMZ we can understand how the Throttle-by-Wire system works.–Bandit


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