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Motorcycle Class Brings New, Old Riders Together – Each with a Story to Tell

By February 25, 2014General Posts

Motorcycle-Course-300x225Motorcycle riders each have their own history of how they ended up in the saddle, where their bikes originated from, and what drives them to continue their journey on two wheels. If you read my personal story in my first blog post, you’ll know that nearly a year ago I started riding my own motorcycle after completing a basic motorcycle rider course. But I feel that my story is far from the most interesting out there, so I’d like to share the stories of some of the motorcyclists who learned to ride alongside me over those few days almost a year ago.
Gathering for a motorcycle course in the middle of a cold March in Iowa may not be ideal, but we were all eager to jump on our bikes nonetheless. The group of people in the class with me was extremely diverse in age, gender, experience, and overall knowledge of motorcycles. We faced delays from ice and snow on the riding range, sick instructors, and more, which brought us surprisingly close to each other in a short amount of time – and for some it became an introduction to being included in a “family” of riders.

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