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Indian's Thunder Stroke Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

By April 18, 2013General Posts

As Indian Motorcycle continues its clever branding campaign for 2013, the motorcycling world awaits with baited breath the return of America's oldest motorcycle name.

Earlier this year, Bikernet told you about the new Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin engine; the mighty heart that will soon beat inside every new Indian motorcycle. Of course no-one has seen a production bike at this time, but if the effort put into styling the Thunder Stroke 111 is any indication, be sure that the new Indians will generate a huge buzz.

Indian Motorcycle's parent company is Polaris, the company that brought you Victory Motorcycles. Rather than going toe-to-toe against another American manufacturer that had all bases covered when is comes to heritage, motorcycle tradition and history, Victory decided to forge ahead with daring styling choices, forward-thinking engineering and ended up conquering the hearts of many riders looking for a different riding experience.

With Indian, Choice is once again to American motorcycles. But this time, Indian Motorcycle sets out to bring the fight to Harley-Davidson. A line is about to be drawn in the sand, and there's no doubt that the challenge will be very exciting.

Stay tuned for more on Indian Motorcycle and in the meantime, enjoy this animated video that will speak to all gearheads.

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