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Bikernet Welcomes European Manufacturer EMD To The U.S. Market

By April 14, 2014General Posts


Esteves Motorcycle Design (EMD), came all the way from France to V-Twin Expo earlier this year to present its innovative line of bolt-on parts for Big Twins and XLs. The idea is to allow you to give your modern powertrain a truly unique and retro vibe. See what happens to a Twin Cam engine with a set of EMD rocker covers, a cam cover and a transmission cover. The left side isn’t forgotten: EMD also offers killer primary covers.


EMD cast aluminum covers are available in many finishes including raw, black powdercoat and black cut, with machined raised edges. You can also take your covers to the polisher for a striking, show-winning look.


You don’t have to go to France to find these beauties; call 916-872-3189¬†or click on the banner below.