Colorado Motorcycle Expo

By February 22, 2018General Posts

After an absence of a year Jeff Brown was able to bring back the Colorado Motorcycle Expo to the National Western Stockshow complex in Denver. A standard feature was missing, no MCs were in attendance. The only motorcycle organization I saw was ABATE. The lack of the MCs did change the mood a little, some thought it was a little more relaxed, others said not as much fun. I thought more on the relaxed side a better feeling. Now for 35+ years the MCs had been attending with no incidents. The show had become annual meeting for some of the clubs and for others it was a funding event and recruiting opportunity. But with one incident, shots fired and a biker dead, they were not invited this year. We will see if they come back. Now per the name, 1% of the biker population shouldn’t make that big of impact on the community as a whole. An Expo should cater to the complete community.

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