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Born to Be Worn: the Pandana, a Stylish Multiplex Headwear for Motorcycle Riders

By August 6, 2013General Posts


Pulling on the new multipurpose Pandana is a smart idea. A thin, seamless stretchy multipurpose headgear, the Pandana is ideal for all motorcyclists, from long-distance road riders to motocross racers, announced Curve and Pandana President Henrik Nejezchleb.

Created by the well-respected technical outdoor apparel company Curve, Inc., the Pandana adds extra warmth under a helmet and protects a rider's face from sun, wind and road dust. The Pandana is a stretchy, lightweight seamless tube approximately 18-inches long, and can be fashioned in a variety of ways — neck gator, cravat, scarf, headband, hairband, face-mask, ear-warmer, balaclava, hat, wristband, or bandana. To see how, click on this video: How to Wear the Pandana

A Pandana adds just the right touch of warmth under a helmet, blocking cold temps, sun, wind and dust from a rider's face. Sure, a full-face helmet can do this as well, but the Pandana can also serve as a "neck gator" for additional protection. Moreover, it absorbs perspiration from a rider's head, protecting the helmet padding from sweat and bacteria. And when you pull off your helmet, the Pandana just looks stylish and fashionable.

"The Pandana can really add extra protection against the elements, warding off wind chill and any dust particles flying down the road," explained Nejezchleb. "Plus, Pandana's fashionable designs add a splash of color to your riding gear."The Pandana combines technical performance with style and fashion. Anyone who has used a Pandana raves about its flexibility and good looks."

And there's more to the Pandana than merely function. It is available in a wide variety of stylish colors and patterns, including in-house designs, such as London Punk, Skate Brigade, and Mountain Angler, plus regular collections.

All Pandanas carry an suggested retail price of only $16, and can be purchased online at the Pandana website —

In addition to its in-house collections, Pandana also offers an affordable custom graphics program: Your cycling team or running club can create special graphics aimed at promoting your team's (and sponsors') colors and logos.

For more information, contact Pandana at Curve Inc., 6050 Olde Stage Road, Boulder, CO 80302, +1 (303)800-4433,