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Blind motorcyclist readies for Bonneville Salt Flats time trials

By August 26, 2013General Posts

Alabama man is set to make history as first blind person to race a motorcycle in Utah time trials.

Dan Parker never got above 35 miles per hour, exceedingly slow compared to some motorcycles expected to roar at more than 300 at Bonneville Salt Flats speed trials.

But then consider Parker can’t see and was preparing Sunday to become the first blind person to race a motorcycle during sanctioned time trials on the famed flat expanse of compacted salt.

As other bikes roared nearby at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, the crew supporting the Alabama racer who lost his sight in a horrific car racing accident laid out a test course away from the crowd.

While Parker had done test rides on an airport runway in his custom three-wheeled motorcycle, he said he wanted to ride on the salt several times to test his equipment and accustom himself to the feel of the surface before he took part in a timed trial.

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