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By February 18, 2016General Posts

Neptune’s Net – Doom from the Deep

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It’s 3:30 in the morning as I thunder out of the Port of Long Beach.  It’s completely drained.  Boats are ripping apart the slips and the sound of sirens and warning horns fills the air. Explosions from transformers light up the night sky like fireworks as whole sections of the harbor go dark.  It’s a war zone.  As I connect to the 710 freeway north I see the Queen Mary; she’s on her side and burning. The entire ocean has receded for as far as the eye can see. Only one event can cause this and its inevitable aftermath.  Twisting the throttle I head north.  I’ve got an army brat and a tabby cat on the back seat of my Harley and our destination is Angeles Crest Highway.  The blood moon’s eerie glow provides a tangerine blanket of light and at 100mph, we’re making good time.  Suddenly, I get lit up by a California Highway Patrol car. Yeah right, I open her up now and clock 115 miles per hour.  After a few minutes he backs off and disappears into the darkness. He knows; which means all the emergency services have been alerted that the largest wall of water in recorded history may be about to hit 5 million people in Los Angeles.