World’s first Production Model Cargo Motorcycle

Test model spied on public roads

‘World’s first’ cargo Two-Wheeler aims to be a disruptor in logistics

After around 6 years of development work, an electric scooter designed to be a cargo carrier, is gearing up for commercial production. Customer trials of this EV, by a Pune city, India, start-up, have begun, and its market introduction is expected during the first half of this year.

Two-wheelers including scooters, motorcycles, mopeds and even bicycles are commonly seen on India’s roads, delivering everything from groceries, medicines, restaurant orders to online orders from the top ecommerce websites. Most private courier delivery companies also empoy two-wheelers. These vehicles work for B2B as well as B2C sectors.

City traffic will always spot these buzzing around trying to get ahead to make maximum deliveries per day. So it is not a rural trend at all, though that’s the fastest growing market for two-wheelers.

Fleet management concept includes a fleet of two-wheelers by entrepreneurs who take up franchises for making deliveries.

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