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Ultra Rare 1969 Honda CB 750 Prototype Sets eBay Records

By February 4, 2014General Posts


What only some sandcast CB aficionados know, is that before the now rare sandcast CB750s were produced in 1969, Honda determined that they first needed to build a set of “preproduction” prototypes to market their “The King of Motorcycles” to the American public. So in 1968 they decided to build samples of this new ground breaking CB750 to unveil at their annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Dealer Show, as well as to provide eye-candy for the various trade magazines, and for promotional photography, advertisements, etc.

So Honda sent over to the U.S. were 4 preproduction bikes and one of them is now for sale. As we publish this, the auction has reached $120,850. See how it’s doing now by visiting this link.