UFC Boss OK With Fighters Riding Motorcycles

From Frank Mir to Jose Aldo, UFC fighters and motorcycles haven't always been a pleasant mix. But that doesn't mean UFC President Dana White is concerned about awarding a Harley-Davidson bike to his heavyweight champion.

"Let me tell you what, when you own a motorcycle, here's the difference: You take a guy like Cain Velasquez or Junior Dos Santos, right? They've got plenty of transportation," White explained following Thursday UFC 155 pre-event press conference in Las Vegas. "Junior Dos Santos has got a pimped-out Range Rover and God knows what else he has. Cain Velasquez has a bunch of cars. You don't want [a motorcycle] to be your main means of transportation."

White, of course, is no stranger to how motorcycles can impact his business. In 2004, then-heavyweight champ Mir was riding a motorcycle in Las Vegas when a collision with a car badly broke his leg and tore ligaments in his knee. Mir was sidelined so long, the UFC actually stripped him of his belt and promoted interim title holder Andrei Arlovski into his place.


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