Transportation Shakeout from the 2016 Election


We as motorcyclist should pay attention to anything that has to do with roadways, bridges, road dividing barriers etc. as in the past they have been designed for automobiles.

The roads bridges etc. need input from the motorcycle community and we should be asking people who ride or otherwise involved what the specifically would like to see done and or changed.

I would also like to suggest that if they cut Government Waste there is plenty of money to pay for these improvements with the taxes added to drivers licenses, vehicle registration and gasoline.

There is no need to make Toll Roads.

Cutting the budget at the THTSA is a good place to start. It is obvious they have too much money in their budget if they have enough to give to states to Harass Motorcyclist with Roadside Stops.

There are numerous other areas of this organization that is a waste of taxpayer money as well.

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