The Victorious Project Presents Ride to the Wall to benefit Fueled by the Fallen

This Memorial Day weekend nearly a million participants and riders – Rolling Thunder — will converge in Washington DC at the war memorials.  This will be the 25th time they've made the pilgrimage and this year marks the 30th Anniversaryof the Vietnam War Memorial Wall.   

On this anniversary year, Vietnam veteran and Rolling Thunder rider, Harry Bostard, has been chosen to ride one of five specially made motorcycles, representing the five branches of the military.  Bostard, on the Air Force motorcycle built by master bike builder Billy Lane, was recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and spends most of his time out on the highway. "I get an immense feeling of freedom when I am out there with my knees in the breeze.  That is what we fought for – freedom; even if we were not given a hero's welcome when we returned home."

Joining Rolling Thunder's Ride to Freedom is Kevin Major Howard, founder of Fueled by the Fallen, who will be escorting part of the way with his five tribute vehicles – "angel cars."  If you would like to have the honor of driving one of the 5, 9/11 Angel Cars and support Fueled by the Fallen contact Kevyn Major Howard known for his role as "Rafterman" in the powerful Stanley Kubrik film, Full Metal Jacket, Howard remembers, "In 2007, I was watching the nightly news as they announced that twelve died this day and seven that day.  I woke up one morning and challenged myself to name just one person who had died for my freedom.  I couldn't.   Maybe I can get people who look upon a racecar with the names of 867 fallen Marines, to remember just one name.  If I can do that, I have accomplished my mission."    

Photojournalist and documentarian, Jerry Macias, will be capturing unprecedented views of life on the road through the lens of the "world's most versatile camera"  – GoPro.  To be included in an upcoming documentary, presented by The Victorious Project®, Macias is excited to tell their stories as they unfold. 

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