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The Search For Nirvana Thursday News For May 15th, 2014

By May 17, 2014General Posts


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Nirvana? That’s the place where the powers that be and their friends hang out!

Hey, This is a crazy one and I got a late start. I needed to speak in front of the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners this morning. We were forced to push our non-existent waterfront effort forward for the people of Wilmington.

It’s amazing, and folks don’t realize the high level of impact they can have on their community, just by speaking up, writing a letter, and being there.

That’s why our motorcycle rights groups are so important to our survival. Evil folks don’t govern in a void. They reach out for input, but if we don’t step up, the folks who gain financially will, and we lose freedoms in the process.

We just got a new set of Commissioners, so the money factions jumped. “If we build new rails and automatic container removal systems, we will save bundles.” What they didn’t mention was the thousands of lost jobs, and the lost waterfront effort for the community. Amazing. We needed to point out the other side of the coin.

Let’s hit the NEWS!

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