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The Good Old Boys Motorcycle Club of Sonoma County Puts Pulstar to the Test in New YouTube Video

By July 22, 2013General Posts

Enerpulse, Inc., makers of the Pulstar® Pulse Plug, has released a new video on YouTube featuring the Good Old Boys motorcycle club of Sonoma County California. The video, located at, shows Good Old Boys members putting Pulstar Pulse Plugs to the test while cruising around Northern California.

Good Old Boys president Steve Beretta is featured in the video and praises Pulstar Pulse Plugs for providing “great response” and being “clean burning.” He says the Pulstar Pulse Plugs ran so well in his bike that he would not trade them in for conventional spark plugs.

Pulstar Pulse Plugs are popular among motorcycle enthusiasts, providing quicker throttle response, more reliable starting and increased horsepower and torque. Independent certified testing shows Pulstar Pulse Plugs provide up to 10 percent better fuel economy.

Enerpulse, Inc. has developed and commercialized the first real breakthrough in spark plug technology in over 120 years. Pulstar Pulse Plugs look like conventional spark plugs, but a unique capacitor-based circuit inside captures energy normally wasted by spark plugs and generates a spark with five times greater energy or 1,000 times more peak power.

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