Please take the time to watch this.

I attended this meeting last evening at New Dorp High school.

The audience sat patiently for an hour listening to the chosen speakers from

FEMA to Health Department. Borough President Molinaro lost control of the

meeting when the Q & A began, THEN he lost his temper! It became an ugly



The woman in the video link was first on the mic, once Molinaro agreed to

let residents speak vs. reading questions submitted from index cards. She

was right-on-point when in mid-sentence, Molinaro turns his back to talk to

someone and she stops and says "sir I need your attention please"!


There was a point were the attendees at the "first" town hall meeting, at

New Dorp High School, broke out in unison "GET THE TRAILERS, GET THE

TRAILERS" referring to the FEMA trailers that to date have NOT been

requested by our elected officials.


On an more positive note we delivered 3 donated, indoor, propane heaters on

the way to the meeting. They are a huge hit! (one family with a 10 year old

son). Ocean Breeze families continue to live in their homes for 4 weeks now

in the wet, cold and dark.


FYI: last evening that the NY health department announced last night that

the air quality on Staten Island is the same as it was prior to the storm.

(Exactly the same comment that was made after 911).


In closing I want to thank EVERYONE for your support and donations, every

little bit make a huge difference when you have nothing!


~Carol Mittelsdorf



Ocean Breeze Angel Relief ­ Staten Island


cell: 917-763-1334

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