Sturgis Wednesday Report By Doc Robinson

Another day of fine clear weather and a tad cooler than the previous two days. Sturgis was in full swing with bike shows, rides around the fabulous Black Hills and lots of beer being drunk. Once again vendor reports are universally positive and there are many smiles at the booths.

The Hall of Fame induction took place today with the following inductees: Rodney Roberts, Dave Barr, Buzz Kanter, Ed Kretz Jr., Steve Piehl, Ron Stratman, and Brian and Laura Klock, who are being inducted as one unit. Each of then is being honored for their contributions to the sport of motorcycling.

The 2012 Sturgis AMD World Championship Of Bike Building results were announced today. Who would have thought an Ironhead Sporty would take out top place. But it is not any old Ironhead, no sirree. Built by Thunderbike in Hammiken, Germany by Andreas & Crew the ’84 motor is linked to a WLA 750 gearbox and the whole thing is exquisitely executed.

But perhaps the most fun was to be had at the Baker Drivetrain Burnout comp which was won by a guy in a monkey mask whose name I did not catch while, in a tight competition, second place was taken by Kevin Alsop on a brand new BBC chopper.

Or maybe more fun could have been had beating a lovely, sexy bar girl or, if that was your inclination, being beaten by her.

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