Sturgis Report By Doc Robinson


Friday is the day of the Harley-Davidson Ride In Custom Bike Show that always features an interesting display of machinery from Vintage to state-of-the-art customs. Attendees were graced with the presence of Harley-Davidson royalty when Willie G. and Nancy arrived and were their usual patient and gracious selves, posing for photos and chatting with bike owners.

Dar Holdsworth of Brass Ball Bobbers/Darwin Motorcycles was able to show Willie G. over the bike he entered in this year’s AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, production manufacturer’s class, which he won for the second year in a row. Go Dar!

A full list of each day’s activities would take up several pages but Friday’s activities included a Tattoo Expo, American Indian dancers, the closing ceremony for the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall, a homemade bikini contest (go figure!), stunt riding, Slick Willie and the Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pagent. And then there are the parties in the bars, biker parties, and aren’t they the very best kind.

The crowds have thinned a bit but you wouldn’t know it if you had tried to make it out to Buffalo Chip for the Slash concert. Of course the trek out there was not helped by one of South Dakota’s infamous thunderstorms with driving rain and lightening streaking across the sky. But that did not deter the crowds who were there to party, hearty, rain or no rain.

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