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SPLAT is a simple solution to clean your visor or windshield

By January 13, 2013General Posts

Cycle Wipes LLC is pleased to announce a unique cleaning system for your visors, shields and lights.  Improving your visibility and enhancing your safety. 

Ordinary lens cleaning kits are typically bulky, include bottles and/or sprays, and require multiple rags. Cycle Wipes® combines several of these items into one compact, convenient re-sealable pouch. The ammonia free formula contains a gentle cleaning solution that easily dissolves stubborn bugs, dust and grime.  A clean dry Cycle Wipe also works great for buffing!

The pre-moistened mesh fabric is ultra soft, safely traps debris and designed for motorcyclists who want bug busting cleaning power combined with care for delicate surfaces.  A pack (12 wipes) will easily fit in a pocket, purse or tank bag.  When unfolded, each wet wipe measures 4”x8” – big enough to easily clean your visor, then refold and use to clean your lights and bike.  Cycle Wipes® are also handy around the camp or wherever you need a quick cleanup.  A single pack of Cycle Wipes® will last you a month of weekend rides…unless you run into a squadron of B-29 bugs! 

Cycle Wipes LLC is owned and operated by a family of riders.  Located in Washington State, they have plenty of practice with rain, road grime and bug blasted visors.  The inventor, David Swezey, is an avid motorcyclist (dual sport, street, track and tour rider) and the GM of a large motorcycle dealership in Seattle.  

Committed to giving back to the community, up to 5% of all revenue is donated to children’s charitable causes. Visit for more information.