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Speed-Way Shelters Dealer Program

By September 18, 2013General Posts

Speed-Way Offers Dealers a Miniature Shelter Counter Display 

This very cool and fully functioning Counter Display (25.5″ x 14.5″) Model practically sells the product by itself.

Place the working model in a visible area of your store where customers can handle it, and talk to them while they see for themselves why the Speed-Way Shelter is so convenient and valuable to protect their bike.


The ultimate sales results and customer’s interest will come from having a FULL size Standard Model Speed-Way Shelter set up in your dealership with a new motorcycle backed into it.This On-Floor Display method, together with your working Shelter Counter Display Model (as seen below) is certain to communicate the benefits and cool styling of the Speed-Way Shelters.

Dealers purchase 3 Speed-Way Shelters (assorted styles / single order) and receive your Miniature Shelter Counter Display for FREE or contact us to purchase your merchandising kit.

You will also receive a FREE promotional Speed-Way Shelter Authorized Dealer Color Banner (As seen above) and together with your Miniature Shelter Counter Display your customers will know you carry the best motorcycle shelter available.

Contact Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters at the information below for more details regarding this promotional merchandising program:

Telephone: 831.477.9600

Fax: 831.477.9606