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Spain is rolling out mandatory Motorcycle gear to solve rising fatalities

By January 20, 2024General Posts

Don Quixote Vs Motorcycles

from the Wayfarer
with illustration by the Wayfarer

SPAIN— All motorcyclists might soon be required to wear full-face helmets and gloves every time they ride.

In USA, there is some reasoning and freedoms left while across the pond, the control-ist regimes are “welcomed” by mute citizens, reminiscent of 1930s.

There are many reasons for a road accident and many more for a motorcycle related accident. In USA, even the Feds and NHTSA know that it is the people with more than two-wheels who are reckless and blind and have the shameless (illegal) luxury of texting and dialing while driving.

Yet, why not blame the most fuel-efficient and cheapest transport vehicle available to a citizen–the motorcycle –and its rider for accidents and fatalities.

You might as well say roads kill people and force people into house arrests or ghetto patrol with Judge Dredd being the only one with a gun and a motorcycle!

Even open-face helmets are not good enough for Spain as full-face helmets are being advocated to be mandatory. No gloves? Well, they want to save your middle-finger for later! Gloves are to be mandatory riding equipment as well.

While there’s no specified timeline regarding the implementation of these various new mandates, driving license for two-wheelers itself will be staggered and handed out in stages to those completing courses.

Maybe Spain will mandate a College Degree in Motorcycle Riding to allow a citizen to get a motorcycle driving license.

Meanwhile, the rest of the users of Spain’s roads are not required to know anything about motorcycles, including the lawmakers!

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  • Sam says:

    Time is a commodity that once spent is gone. We owe so much to Rogue, Bandit, and many others for carrying the load. Time to speak up and to make our voices heard. Do it right and we’ll win the fight. Thanks to Wayfarer for bringing this to our attention.

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