Smooth your Tank with Klock Werks Curvaceous Kustom Metal Dash

Smooth out your tank and give your bike a clean, low-profile look with the Klock Werks Curvaceous Kustom Metal Dash. These dashes are stamped from US steel and E-coated for rust and corrosion prevention. Painters love that because they come almost ready to paint. Simply scuff them, prime them and paint. Choose from E-coated dashes for paint match or the brilliantly chromed version – both come with dash trim to protect your tank. The Kustom Metal Dash is available in three lengths and fitments for 97-07, and 08 and newer. Easy to install. Dashes will accept most aftermarket low-profile vented caps. Click here to buy the new Kustom Metal Dash or call the shop at 605-996-3700 today and change your bike from Stock To Klock in an instant.

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