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I had found an article that you had written online re: Colors Magazine. I saved the link which worked at first but now directs me to the Bikernet blog site. I have the full 5 issue set of Colors. They have been stored in heavy plastic sleeves for 49 years now and are in great condition. It did take me awhile to locate them as my darlin’ man moved them from where I had originally stored them (in a footlocker with all the old Easyriders, which I also still have) and then he forgot where he had moved them to.

So anyway, they are safe and sound and back in my grubby little mitts. My question is…do you know of anyone that is searching for them? If so, would you kindly point them in my direction. I would very much appreciate it. They have been under my protection for 49 years now and I have hauled the fuckers cross country at least 8-10 times. I would very much like to profit from it now. After Clark died of cancer in 2001 I was left with my retirement wiped out and a huge debt (cancer aint cheap dammit!) I’ve been working my ass off ever since trying to recoup from it and I just keep keepin’ on. I hope you are doing well and it would be great to hear from you. thanks for your time…..Jil

Name: Jill Tong
Phone Number: 775-750-1502
Email Address:

I reached out to Jill who was a tattoo artist in Tombstone, Arizona. I got my last tattoo with Jill during Pat and Brook Kennedy’s wedding weekend back in about 1990.–Bandit