Readers Pipe Up About Noisy Motorcycles


Ron emails: “Motorcycles need to be loud — for safety. Yes, you’ve heard this before but it is true. A car vs. a motorcycle; who do you think wins? Someone in a car or SUV texting or on the phone not paying attention drifts into another lane, or a car is sitting on a side street looking for an opening to join traffic on the main street — if they don’t see or hear the motorcycle, who wins the crash?

“If a car driver hears a loud motorcycle, the driver is ‘disturbed’ or ‘annoyed;’ if the car driver doesn’t hear the motorcycle, the cyclist could be dead,” Ron adds. “Motorcyclists are some of the safest drivers around because they have to be. Of course there is such a thing as ‘too loud,’ but when it comes to motorcycles, loud is not ‘too loud.’ ”

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