Prize Possession to be reprinted

This is the first book I ever wrote. I started writing fiction in 1971 for Easyriders Magazine. I was maybe 23 years old and trying to learn from some amazing writers, like J.J. Solari, and a few guys who were in prison, but excellent writers. I wrote some poetry under the Renegade name. I wanted the bad ass on the staff to be the poem writer. I wrote Prize Possession shortly after my Evo in a rigid frame was stolen from the Easyriders offices in 1996. It took me three days to get it back, with the help of a few bros and Gregg Daniel.

I sold out of this book in 1997, but recently we decided to reprint it. I’m in the process of reading it again, after 35 years. Where the hell has the time gone.—K. Randall Ball

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