Paul Yaffe Bagger Nation Dream Bike Can Be Yours

Witness master builder Paul Yaffe, the team at Rolling Thunder, and the team at Renegade Wheels construct the "Paul Yaffe Bagger Nation Dream Bike", the grand prize in the $100,000.00 Magazine Sweepstakes sponsored by Dennis Kirk.

Watch Renegade Wheels bring to life the 30" Racine Phantom Cut Wheel. Feast your eyes on the one-off frame by the experts at Rolling Thunder. The frame will house a special 111-inch S&S motor. Follow the photos, watch the wheels and frames being made, and check out Paul Yaffe bringing it all together. For video of the build, to see more images or to just see these images in full size please click  on the link below the video and make sure to check out the Thursday News tonight on Bikernet for the full story.












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