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Linda Lehmans Blue Beauty

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When I saw Linda Lehman’s personal Trike I was impressed, I guess it should be special, it is her personal Trike.  Much has transpired since that day with the passing of her husband John Lehman and the subsequent purchase of Lehman Trikes in South Dakota by Champion Trikes in California.  Everyone involved in the Trike industry is glad to see the great Lehman products and name live on.  SEE ALL PHOTOS AND SPECS


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Custom Billet Wheel Set $4,000.00
2 Wheels, 2 Rotor and Pulley or Spocket
Break Down
$300.00 Per Rotor
$350.00 Per Pulley
$350.00 Per Sprocket
$695.00 Per Brakster
$2150.00 Per Wheel (stock sizes)



Add $300.00 per wheel sizes


Add $400.00 per wheel size



























Don't Miss Rivera-Primo in Sturgis

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Rivera Primo Inc. will be displaying inside the J & P Cycles store on Lazelle in Sturgis, South Dakota from Aug. 3rd – 12th, 2012. 

Once again, its that time for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Like every year, Sturgis brings out the best in Bikes, Women and of course maufacturers. Rivera-Primo will be showcasing their stuff  inside the J & P Cycles store once again, showing off all the new & current products that have made Rivera Primo a name synonymous with quality and dependability over the almost 40 years that they've been in business! Come visit them, ask all the questions about V twins that you've been saving up.   


Rivera Primo Inc. is also a proud and long time sponsor of the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building which can be seen in Sturgis, SD at 3rd & Lazelle. The best custom bikes from all over the world will be there for your enjoyment and one lucky builder will take home the World Championship. This is the last time for this event to be held in Sturgis as next year it will be held in Essen, Germany. A few lucky builders will receive airfare for themselves and their bike to go to Essen. Don't miss this historical event!