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Can-Am’s Spyder

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Can-Am’s Spyder is a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy the ride with its Y-configuration two-wheels-in-front, one-in-back design. Actually, it’s more like six-of-a-kind with the company offering half a dozen variations in sport (RS) and touring (RT) models for 2012. Parent company BRP claims that it is not a motorcycle company, that they have invented a new industry with its line-up of three-wheeled Rotax-built 998cc, 60-degree V-twin “roadsters.” Of the six roadsters offered this year, four of them come in a choice of manual or semi-automatic transmissions. READ FULL STORY

Midnight Rider: The Road to Nowhere- EPISODE 8

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It’s mid-week,10:00am in the morning and I just bought a fifth of Jack Daniels, pack of American Spirits and head back to my haunted room. Half a million missing yearly, human trafficking, Parts Men harvesting human organs, Voodoo witches selling hearts for demonic rituals….what the hell is next?  Zombies and vampires! This started as a story about riding motorcycles at night; I had used up 55 hours in 6 days travel and technically had 5 hours of ride time left tomorrow; the seventh day. Nothing about that story matters anymore.  READ MORE