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New Indian Motorcycle Dealership To Open in Westfield, Mass

By October 4, 2013General Posts

13484085-mmmainYou don’t sit on an Indian Motorcycle, said Dennis Bolduc, owner of a soon-to-open Indian Motorcycle dealership on Southampton Road.

You sit in it, Bolduc, the owner of 15 classic Indians and of the new Indian Motorcycle of Westfield dealership, said.

The seats on the Springfield-built Indians gave in under the rider’s weight , cradling that person down with the rumble of the motor instead of holding him upright like on most motorcycles.

It’s a defining characteristic of the Indian brand and and one Bolduc once only hoped that engineers from Polaris Industries Inc., the most recent company to try to revive the Indian brand, got right. After all, he’d already invested a lot of money in the dealership before he finally got a chance to ride a new Polaris-built machine.

“I was terrified,” Bolduc, who lives in Chester, said. “I mean what if they were bad. Then I got on one and just grinned. I told the engineers they nailed it. They got all the details right.”

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