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Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

By April 25, 2013General Posts

The NYPD's Community Affairs Bureau provides information to help prevent theft and crime happening to you.

Motorcycles are an attractive item for thieves. National statistics show only 3 in 10 stolen motorcycles will be recovered and returned to their owners. The rest end up on the black market, stripped and/or sold for spare parts.   

It takes seconds to hoist a motorcycle into a van and take off. In 2011 New York had 1,460 motorcycle thefts, but if you follow these basic tips you help yourself or a friend avoid becoming a victim of motorcycle theft:

• Lock your ignition and remove the key. National statistics show most bike thefts occur when the ignition is shut off, but not locked.

• Lock the forks or disk brakes with locks that have large, brightly colored tags.

• If traveling with other riders, lock motorcycles together when not in use.

• If riding alone, lock your bike to a secure, stationary object that can't be easily dismantled.

• Add an audible alarm to your motorcycle.

• When traveling and spending the night at a hotel, locate an outdoor security camera and park your bike in the camera's view. If this is not possible, park your bike close to your room.

• Keep an eye on your bike. When parking at a public event, check your motorcycle periodically, especially right after leaving your bike.

• If parking in a garage, block your bike with automobiles, close the garage door and make sure it is locked.

• Don't store your title in your bike's storage compartment, tank bag or saddlebag. The safest place for your title is at home.

• Uniquely mark and then photograph your bike. If thieves take your bike, note its unique markings to law enforcement using the photos you have taken. ·      

• Keep your bike registration and insurance identification card on you when you ride.   

• If the bike is stolen make it impossible to sell. Mark everything that could be sold as a second hand spare part with a clearly visible identifying mark, both in visible and secret places, preferably with the bikes frame number.   

For further safety tips, please visit Or, you can call the Community Affairs Bureau at 646-610-5323.