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Motorcycle Monument Coming to Sturgis

By July 30, 2020General Posts
This 4 x 8‘ trailer , displaying double-sided signs could certainly bring unique  perspectives to the Biker Lifestyle .
“Bikers are dispensable – when lost  memories are misguided !“
“ We won’t forget —we won’t give up! “
If appropriate Emma , it would be best to be parked at or very near the Sturgis motorcycle museum and Hall of Fame —during the Sturgis  rally.
This Trailer fabricated by Don Christner can   be pulled with a  Harley trike that displays two 6 x 10‘ flags.
With others flags , totaling 256 ft.² on cycle . There’s  276 Square feet including flags on trailer.
This could be the “scoop” ,the first major publicity About the mobile motorcycle Monument.
Plans are for the Tomahawk Fall ride In  September & the NATIONAL COALITION  OF MOTORCYCLISTS,  confederation of clubs & Christian Unity conference in Indianapolis Indiana in October13-18, 2020 .
Please let me know Emma  if possible  & be best coordinated-