Motorcycle Armor Offers Protective Film Kit for Trikes

Trike riders can choose the Motorcycle Armor Trike Rear Wheel Fender Kit, a two-piece kit that covers a Trike's rear fenders from the road edge up to the back of the passenger seat. Motorcycle Armor's film protects the fenders from scuffing when riders mount, road rash, rock chips and bug smash enzymes.

For even more protection, select the 13-piece Complete Kit for Street Glide® or 15-piece Kit for Tri Glide® Trikes. Motorcycle Armor's copyrighted design protects every vulnerable painted area on the Trike, including left and right rear wheel fenders, left and right inside rear wheel fender crescents, left and right side lower body, left and right side upper body, left and right side covers, left and right fuel tank crotch area, front fender, left and right top of trunk ridges and tour pack protection for the Tri Glide®.

"Trikes are a growing market segment and appeal to a variety of riders who appreciate the safety and stability they offer," said Christine Detwiler of Motorcycle Armor. "They also have a lot of painted surface area to protect, and our kits make it quick and easy to do that and to keep those rides looking their best while preserving their resale value."


Both the clear/glossy and matte versions of Motorcycle Armor kits not only protect the paint finish they cover, they also help hide any existing minor scratches or scuffs. Installation takes 15 to 20 minutes, and kits include everything needed for application except a spray bottle. An online step-by-step video instruction is also available on the website to aid installation.

The complete product line of Motorcycle Armor kits available include kits for hard bagger saddle-bag lids, hard bagger backs and fronts, front fork sliders and upper slider covers, fuel tanks, side covers, front fenders, and trike rear wheel fenders. Additionally, a 13-piece kit is manufactured to provide complete protection for Street Glide© or Tri
Glide© Trikes.

Motorcycle Armor kits come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty that replaces any damaged film. For more information, visit


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