Motor Trike Announces New IRS Conversion for Kawasaki 1700

Motor Trike, Inc. is proud to announce the release of an additional Independent Rear Suspension conversion to add to their rapidly expanding product line. The “Challenger” conversion was designed to fit the Kawasaki 1700 family of large touring motorcycles including the Voyager, Vaquero, and Nomad with additional models to follow.

Motor Trike dedicated itself to stylistically matching this new conversion to the motorcycle itself. The all-new custom body design respects and accentuates the original styling features of the motorcycle. With detailed body lines that flow seamlessly from the front of the motorcycle to the back of the trike, they are the perfect match. Additionally, the stock taillights are installed on the rear of the trike, this further fuses the Kawasaki and the Challenger into one dynamic machine. READ FULL STORY

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