Midnight Rider: The Plot Thickens EPISODE 13

The Midnight Rider keeps getting deeper in to trouble with his sexy sidekick Lisette.

The white 18 wheeler with confederate flags is parked in the front row.  For a split second I contemplate staking it out from the restaurant, but I’m just too tired.  I approach, step up, grab the handle, open the passenger door and pull myself inside.  This cockpit looks more like a motor home than a big rig. Inside are tables and couch with a massive flat screen TV, fridge and microwave. There are more switches and video displays in here than a freakin 747.  No sooner than I sink into the plush passenger seat, there’s a sharp prick to my neck and then blackness. Down I fall, into a long dark corridor.  READ FULL STORY

In case you missed an episode here is a link to ALL EPISODES

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