MIDNIGHT RIDER: Operation Thundertaker EPISODE 1

Lisette Sandrine Duran:  French/ English descent, Age: 27, Hair: Black/Auburn, Eyes: Green, Height: 5’7”, Weight: 122 lbs, Occupation: Central Security Service, CSS agent for the United States Government.

Miroslav Kozmo Marz aka (Koz) Czechoslovakian/English descent,Age: 36, Hair: Blond, Eyes: Blue, Height: 6’1”, Weight 195lbs, Occupation: Moto/Photo-Journalist Graduated masters in journalism at UCLA.

Kismet inextricably entwined Koz and Liz while both were on an assignment. Koz was writing a story on the Corridor of Death. Lisette was investigating the same murders linked to an international conspiracy.  For two months they collaborated and are now romantically involved. The case is officially closed and both Liz and Koz have been debriefed at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. READ FULL STORY

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