Lowered Harley-Davidson Greyhead

by Daniel Patrascu from https://www.autoevolution.com

Audi is famous for a lot of things: it is known for things like quattro, or the high-powered stations wagons it makes, but also for something that’s a lot more visible, a special shade of gray called nardo gray.

The shade, or variants of it, is not exclusive to Audi, and was used over the years, including as an aftermarket choice, on a number of cars, but people generally associate it with the four-ringed brand. Just type in the Google search bar nardo gray, and see what suggestions are made.

And yes, there are bikes wrapped in it as well.

Take the Germans from Thunderbike, an unstoppable garage in the business of remaking Harleys. They used nardo gray on a number of their projects, and we must say, the color looks right at home on the limited real estate provided by a motorcycle’s body.

Case in point, the Fat Boy Solid Dude they got out last summer. Or this here Greyhead, one of their even more recent releases. Once a Breakout, it got extensively changed, with the addition of some 30 custom parts and no-nonsense use of nardo gray on the headlamp fairing, fuel tank, rear fender, and elsewhere, combined with black on most of the other parts.

The new visual impact achieved with the paint is boosted by the lower stance, made possible by the use of a Stage 2 lowering kit, which brings the two-wheeler down by 30 mm.

As said, over 30 custom parts were used to make this, most of them of the German’s own design, including the headlamp, and covers where covers are due.

The entire affair cost around 7,000 euros ($8,500) to put together, but that does not include the base bike, the exhaust system, man-hours that went into it, and probably a host of other parts we’re not told anything about.

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