Kuryakyn phase 7 Headlamps and Passing Lamps

A complex reflector design provides unmatched performance while providing the appearance of a traditional headlamp. The impact resistant polycarbonate lenses have a chemical and scratch resistant, non-yellowing coating. The low beam current draws 1.5 amps (stock halogen is 4.9 amps), the high beam, 2.3 amps (stock halogen is 5.5 amps) and the passing lamps only 1.4 amps (stock halogen 4.0 amps). The 7” headlamp is available for many models of bikes, and retails for $299.99.  The 4 ½” passing lamps, sold in pairs, retail for $249.99. The headlamp and passing lights meet applicable DOT, FMVSS or SAE requirements and have a 3 year warranty.

This is one of the year’s most popular products; Küryakyn’s L.E.D. Halo Headlight Trim Rings. They will add more incredible style to your stock 7”headlamp and your 4 1/2” stock passing lights. With its grooved trim, this product is eye-catching, day or night. The headlamp ring retails for $99.99 and $159.99 for the passing lamp rings.

Visit your local Biker’s Choice® dealer for application information.

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