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Killing Machine Choppers – The Good Ol Days

By October 4, 2013General Posts




The “Who” in this story is, Algie Pirrello, Aficionado of the ol school way of motorcycle building. Using the materials and tools at hand, he is creative as hell when it comes to using bicycle, car parts. He even used an oxygen tank for the oil bag on the infamous “Duke”, his pride and joy 1945 Knucklehead.  “ALL 60’s style is how we roll”, “We’re not Old School, we’re Pre Skool, when there were no RULES” is not just his favorite sayings, but a true code of honor and description of the lifestyle he picked up on the streets in Rockford IL, and continues to live today in the northwest.

Like many other builders, Algie started Killing Machine Choppers in a shed on the back of his property in Lake Elsinore, California at the foot of the beautiful Ortega Mountains in Riverside County, California.    Not only was he revitalizing “The Duke”, he was spending quality time with his young son Breeze and the other boys that would gather around to help.   Algie was giving back to these kids, the same way his mentors did when he was living on the streets of Rockford.  Trying to keep them on the straight and narrow and interested in learning a trade and completing a project.