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KICK START By Ralph “Teach” Elrod- A Book Review

By October 6, 2013General Posts

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Memoirs of an Outlaw Biker

This book is about the memories of an Outlaw Biker by the name of “Teach” a member of the BARONS MC a well-known motorcycle club which started in 1966. He became a member on July 20, 1969 after hanging around with them for about a month.

In the Foreword he states: “The adventures I lived and the things I saw were no different than the lives of every other club patch holder. That history needs to be preserved for future generations. The 70s can’t be judged by today’s values, it was just too different! Times were tougher it seems and we patch holders had few civil rights as far as the citizens and cops were concerned.”

Review written by Rogue