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The INDIAN Restoration Saga Continues


It was late August 2013, and I had nothing to do that Saturday, so I took a look on the internet for motorcycle events that day. I discovered a “Big Bad Motorcycle Show” at the NW Harley dealership in Lacey, Washington. I decided to ride my recently painted 1946 Chief (jade green and crème) just to see what was going on.

I arrived at 12:00 noon sharp, and as I pulled in to the parking lot a tattooed cutie came running up to me. She pleaded with me to enter the Chief in the show.

Best in class, show Big Bad MC show 2013

I asked if the show wasn’t just for Harleys and she said, “Oh no.” So, I paid my $20.00 fee (discounted $10.00 because I’m a military retiree) and entered the Chief in the “Vintage/Antique” class.

There were about 150 bikes in the show and I was the only Indian. As I pulled into my class area I was immediately approached by numerous curious participants who had never seen a real live Indian actually being ridden. There were several other bikes in my class (all old Harleys) but nothing like the Chief.
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