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Indian Motorcycle Rider Story: Robert Martin

By April 3, 2014General Posts


In the late 1970’s, my Dad, Indian Joe Martin, and I had just finished restoring an Indian Sport Scout. We tried to kick start the bike but it would only hit and back-fire. We worked for hours trying to start the Indian. We had just about given up when my Mom came into the garage to tell us supper was ready. As she started back toward the house she turned and said, “If you switch the plug wires it will start.” My Dad laughed. After all, he had worked on Indians for years. To make a long story short, after kicking the bike for some time we decided to switch the plug wires. On the first kick the motor came to life and ran like a new motor. As we walked to the house my Dad turned to me and said, “If you ever tell your Mom she was right about the plug wires I will kick your butt.” I said nothing but later on after my Dad had passed; I asked my Mom if she remembered my Dad and I working on that Indian. That’s when she told me he had told her we took her advice about the plug wires, but he said not to tell me that it would be their secret. My Mom, Dad, as well as my brother David have passed on but we enjoyed helping my Dad run Indian Joe’s Antique Motorcycle Parts and helping others get their Indian’s back on the road. Ride on.