House Bill 1118 has sympathy for motorcycles, scooters stuck at lights

Motorcyclists should get liberty to go through red lights — in certain instances — according to a bill co-authored by Crawfordsville Republican Rep. Tim Brown.

House Bill 1118 would amend Indiana motor vehicle code to allow operators of motorcycles, motorized bicycles, motorscooters and bicycles to proceed through a steady red signal if they first:

• Come to a complete stop at the intersection for at least 120 seconds; and

• Exercise due caution as provided by law, treat the traffic control signal as a stop sign, and determines that it is safe to proceed.

Brown, a physician and also a motorcycle rider, said there’s a simple explanation for his proposal.

“A lot of these are magnetic-triggered lights … and motorcycles sometimes don’t trigger them,” he said. “And you sit there, and you sit there and you sit there. And if you obey the law you’ll never be able to move until … a car comes up behind you.”

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