Harley Davidson To Unveil Motorcycle For India at 2014 Delhi Auto Expo

Harley Davidson, the world famous motorcycle manufacturer, knows the potential of growth in India. Last fiscal, they sold 716 motorcycles in the country. This fiscal Harley Davidson India aims to sell about 2,000 motorcycles and by the 2015/16 fiscal, they aim to register sales of 10,000 motorcycles. Harley expects India to become their second largest consumer in Asia.
But with the launch of new superbikes from Honda, Kawasaki, and Hyosung, in the range of Rs 3 lakhs, they Harley India knows it won't be easy to climb up the stairs. They will need to manufacture a made for India motorcycle in the same range in order to grow. Currently, in India, Harley Davidson sell motorcycles in the range from Rs 5.60 lakhs ($9,799) to all the way up to Rs 35 lakhs ($61,245)

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