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HANG ON! New Wheel Technology

By January 10, 2014General Posts


• LED ‘spinning screens’ can be fixed to motorcycles’ wheel spokes
• Allow bikers to re-invent themselves, advertise products or stand out
• Designed by World Moto, they are expected to sell for more than £1,000
By Sophie Jane Evans UK


They wouldn’t look out of place on a billboard, a television advert, nor a cinema screen.
But these eye-catching, colourful images are actually the latest motorcycle accessory.
The LED graphics can be fixed to bikes’ wheel spokes – turning them into incredible ‘spinning screens’.

But amazingly, the images actually appear static as the wheels spin around.
The screens – dubbed ‘Wheelies’ – are formed out of hundreds of LED strips and can be uniquely personalised by motorcycle users.

They allow bikers to re-invent themselves, advertise a product or to simply stand out from the crowd.
Designed by Thai firm World Moto, they are expected to be available worldwide soon – but will set you back more than £1,000.

Paul Giles, World Moto’s CEO, said: ‘The technology has the potential to turn essentially any wheel in the world into a brilliant, full-colour billboard or video screen.
‘The idea could appeal to motorcyclist who want to put a face on their wheels. It gives their bike a face, sort of like an avatar.
‘When we drive around with the Wheelies, people immediately turn and look at them with their mouths open.’


Chris Ziomkowski, World Moto’s chief technology officer, said he came up with the initial concept of ‘Wheelies’ several years ago after watching a spinning lightsaber in a Star Wars film.

‘You have to track where the wheel is at any given time and have to know the exact position of each blade,’ he said.
‘Then you have to light the LEDs based on what you want the picture to be, and you have to do that very fast.’
He added that he hopes the eye-catching screens will be used by fleet vehicles for advertising campaigns.