Golan Petcocks are very easy to maintain

Check out how easy it is to replace the O-rings in our Click-Slick fuel petcocks.

Lifetime Warranty

Our fuel valves have a lifetime warranty. Unlike other valves on the market, we do not sell a “rebuild kit”, all you need to maintain this valve for life is to replace a couple of O-rings, which we provide free of charge, to anywhere in the United States. If you can’t wait, they can be picked up at any hardware store. One 3/8″ O-ring and one 5/8″ O-ring is all you need.

The video above shows just how easy it to replace the O-rings and keep your machine on the road.

Adjustable Reserve

This petcock can be altered to adjust the amount of reserve gas available by shortening or removing (twist off) the reserve pickup tube for racing or shallow tanks (see pic).

Watch a video of how to replace the O-rings in our Click-Slick fuel petcocks!



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